Finished Books: Ginny Moon

Ginny Moon by Benjamin Ludwig

  • Published: 2017
  • Pages: 362 (e-ARC)

33664768Link to Goodreads summary

Ginny Moon is an unconventional main character, to say the least.  She is a girl with autism who has recently been adopted into her Forever Home, but she cannot stop trying to get back to her Baby Doll to make sure she is okay.  She schemes to find ways to contact and reconnect with her abusive birth mother, Gloria, by lying to and deceiving those who care about her.  Her actions frighten her Forever parents, causing tension in her home environment and making her feel like she doesn’t belong anywhere.

Ginny’s exceptional way of narrating her own story will keep readers captivated.  She tells things like it is, or how it is to her, which is probably not how it is to the majority of us.  She draws the reader deep into her mind with her, explaining her reasoning (she keeps her mouth shut so that she doesn’t tell any lies; she can’t answer someone if they ask more than one question at a time).  Readers will cheer when she stands up for herself and cringe when she unintentionally sabotages her plans.  She is curious and caring, cautious and clever.  A unique story told through the eyes of a young girl trying to navigate life with a new family while being drawn back to her old family.

Rating: 4 stars

*I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher. A positive review was not required.*



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