Reading Resolutions for 2017

After three years, I believe it is time to return to this blog and perhaps change it up a bit. This will turn into a place for me to record my reviews of books I read. I might continue to discuss library programming ideas. It might occasionally devolve into discussion about knitting. I mean, llamas (and their cousins, alpacas), make lovely fiber and yarn. I’m just staying true to my name.


Stacked book picture from Wikimedia Commons

What better way to return to a blog that left off on resolutions than to state new resolutions? By revisiting my previous goals, I find that I still have a lot to learn. Many of my goals for this year, which I made before deciding to revive this blog, will be similar to those from three years ago. Apparently.

  1. Goodreads Challenge = 60 books. This number is significantly lower than the number of books I read in the past couple of years (80 and 77). I listened to a fair number of audiobooks during those years, but I don’t have as much time to do that as I used to. I’m listening to significantly more podcasts and doing other activities which do not allow me to read with my ears. The lower number also reflects my desire to write more reviews and annotations on the books I read, which will take away from my reading time, too.
  2. Each month, read an author from the ARRT Popular Fiction list. As NoveList puts it, this list is “a straightforward and enjoyable way to evaluate and broaden anyone’s reading experience.” Since becoming a librarian, I have had the opportunity to expand my reading horizons, but I still have gaps to fill in.
  3. Each month, read a book that fits into the Iowa Readers’ Advisory Roundtable genre. For 2017, the Iowa RART has chosen Narrative Nonfiction for reviews. I did not participate last year, but, in an effort to continually grow and expand my reading horizons, I need to make an effort to read and review for this group. It is a good opportunity to practice my review skills with a group that can give me critiques on the quality of my reviews.
  4. Write a review for each book I read. Self-explanatory. The more I write, the better I will get. The more I evaluate the books I read, the better I will be able to discuss books with library patrons.
  5. Don’t freak out. I probably won’t be able to do all of the above all of the time. It’s okay. Every little bit helps.

There you have it.  Some changes to the blog.  Some changes to my reading habits.  Some changes to my review-writing abilities.


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