Library Student Day in the Life: Round two, Day one

I interrupt your regularly scheduled blog posts to participate in Hack Library School’s Library Student Day in the Life.  For the week of October 28 – November 1, 2013, I will be posting each evening to share with prospective library students what a day in my life as a library student at Florida State University’s iSchool is like.  Regular posts will resume November 2, 2013.

Picture of the outside of the Nevada Public Library

Nevada Public Library

Marketing of Information Services project

When I was in high school, I had the good fortune to work at the Nevada Public Library.  Had I been as wise then as I am now (ha!), I would have realized that I was destined to be a librarian, I would have made different choices regarding previous degrees, and I would now be a professional librarian.  But I appreciate most of the things I have learned and the people I have met through those other experiences.  I would not be the person I am now had I not gone through these other routes.

For my Marketing of Information Services class, we have to choose a nonprofit organization to examine for our final project.  I chose to use the Nevada Public Library and, thankfully, the director has been very generous with providing information for me.  In order to appropriately examine the marketing practices of the library, I have been creating questionnaires for the director to complete.  She very quickly returned the first questionnaire.  I had not yet prepared the second questionnaire, so I was working on that today.

This selection of questions was heavy on marketing terms.  Since I am unfamiliar with how much marketing the Nevada library does, I spent a surprising amount of time trying to determine how much definition was needed for each marketing term.  I don’t want to just throw a bunch of marketing terms in there that may mean nothing (or next-to-nothing) to the director.  But I also don’t know that  I just want to use every day language for it?  I have not quite decided, but I am leaning toward landing somewhere in the middle.

The various concepts of marketing that we have been learning this semester have been eye-opening for me.  Nonprofit organizations have to approach marketing differently than typical businesses do.  The strategies need to be well-researched and focused on what the customer or user wants.  Very intriguing information.

Healthcare Library Job

I work part-time at a small library that serves the healthcare programs of our local community college.  The library has a very small collection.  The main use of the library is the computers.  Students frequently come in to print out a syllabus or PowerPoint presentations.  Sometimes they have to print out clinical paperwork.

There was was nothing particularly interesting as far as reference assistance today.  However, next week is National Radiologic Technology Week.  I began researching and planning an informational display for the library.  I will continue working on that throughout the week.

That’s it for today.  At least so far.  I will be working on homework later this evening, though.  I am trying to get ahead on my projects to make sure I am not stressing at the end of November.


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