Spooktacular Library Events

Halloween (and holidays in general) are a great time to engage with your patrons.

Halloween pumpkin decorations

Image CC licensed courtesy of flickr user Yabby

Halloween can be as scary or as cutesy as you want it to be.  At a library, somewhere in the middle may be best.  Let me share a couple of ways that libraries have incorporated Halloween activities for adults.

Spooky Spell Yeah

For anyone who missed Genre-X’s sessions at the ALA conference, you really missed out.  Luckily, you can access their conference handouts and notes at the Oak Park Public Library website (scroll down to the bottom for the handouts, but check out the other information, too!).

Spell Yeah competition

Previous Spell Yeah competition
Image CC licensed courtesy of Oak Park Public Library

With Halloween coming up, Genre X is taking one of their annual events, Spell Yeah, and turning it into a Halloween event: Spooky Spell Yeah.  They are encouraging people to come in costume, and rewarding those that do by giving them two free drinks on the house.  Yes, this is an event with a cash bar.  I’ll go into alcohol at libraries more in depth at a later time (the homebrewing got me thinking).

Read about the success of their previous Spell Yeah events here.

Literary Halloween Costume Contest

It is not always easy to get adults to dress up in costumes.  But some people really enjoy having the opportunity to do so, and what better way to help them out than to host a costume contest?

Hanging costumes

Costumes galore!
Image via CC license by flickr user arcticpenguin

The Stockwell-Mudd Library at Albion College in Michigan hosted a Literary Halloween Costume Contest.  This is a fantastic idea!  Encourage patrons to come up with literary-inspired costumes.  A panel of librarian judges can determine whose costume is the best.

If I were to dress up, I would probably be Marvin from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  Who would you dress up as?


4 thoughts on “Spooktacular Library Events

  1. I love halloween! At my library, we hide bats, witches, and etc for the kids to find and our youth council puts on a maze party with a spooky maze, candy, and other activities for famillies.

  2. I absolutely love dressing up in costumes, and I wish my library had a costume contest! If I were to go as a literary character, I’d dress up as Elizabeth Bennet, hands down 😀

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